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So,the modelling world has sucked me in. Apparently I have what it takes,but time will tell. 

If anything,I’ll take this opportunity to prove people wrong.

Ugly ducklings can transform into swans.

When you reach that point in your life where indifference is necessary. So much so, that it becomes second nature.

When you reach that point in your life where indifference is necessary. So much so, that it becomes second nature.

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These clever and slightly horrifying versions of your favorite toys are the work of Jason Freeny

This is amazing.

Love love love

This is just too awesome.

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Imagine what it would be like to enhance your senses?
Make it so that you can smell like a dog,hear like a gazelle,or see like a cat?

What if we wanted to dampen one of our senses voluntarily? Shut out the bellowing of human chit chat?

Would you?


If you have never heard him perform before tonight, his soul shaking, leave you bare naked in the crowd, voice, may come as quite a shock.

But,before I get into the nitty gritty details of him, let me set the scene for you first.

Standing on a balcony, in the middle of Glenwood, I am mesmerised by the lights of the durban harbour. I feel as if I am staring at one of the most beautiful canvas’s ever painted. A sense of nostalgia floods my senses. I feel like Godzilla in Mini Town. For a few moments,I am lost. What a sight,what a place to set the atmosphere.

The masses are now arriving at his domicile. “Hello’s”, are being shouted across the hoard of humans. The buzz of voices commences,a cacophony of interest emerges.

All walks of life are here, but all have the same motive. Music. Foot tapping,soul wrenching music.

Situated in an old railroad house,walls adorned with artworks, our singer/songwriter, Joshua Grierson, sets the stage.

The time is now 8:33pm,and the crowd is stirring.

He sits,takes a sip of his glass of red wine,and the first guitar strum is done. Tuning. Chords.

This is Joshua,unplugged,for real.

He begins his set with a song called ‘Red/Yellow’,followed by: -

'Down by the old arcade',

'Last Stop',

'Wrecking Ball Day',

'Dead Mans House',

(As well as a few others that had no need for a title).

This is a conversation between him and the audience. You feel a dialogue open up before you (insert goosebumps here). His lyrics stab at you, forcing you to face up to reality, as his honesty leaves you feeling obligated to do so.

The haunting bellows,and intricately orchestrated strums and picks at his guitar, puts your mind into a catatonic state. You cannot help but feel hypnotised by the emotion you feel when he explains the premise of the songs he sings.

Joshua Grierson,is a musical genius,and his story should be shared with the world.  


Long live the legend.

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Favourite books of all time :)

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